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The Definitive Guide to Facebook for Business

Setting up a Facebook Page for your business, but don’t know where to start? Running a promotion and want to know best practices? The Definitive Guide to Facebook for Business has been read thousands of times and provides comprehensive information you need to get on the road to a useful and effective Facebook Page.

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The Definitive Guide to Facebook for Business

What's in a Like
There is a reason that Facebook called this feature "Liking". Its because its a general way to indicate that they approve, enjoy, or advocate something. Its the simplest way to show s...

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How (And Why) to Build a Community Around your Facebook Page

Communities are our hubs for connecting with others, and brands, especially smaller niche brands like nonprofits and local organizations, have a real opportunity to be the framework for which these co...

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Why Facebook Graph Search is Good for Your Business

While it may be uncomfortable for businesses, the most influential messages about them come from sources they have the least control over. The only messages people trust more than unsolicited customer...

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3 Easy Ways to Prep Your Facebook Page for the Holidays

Thanksgiving and the shopping hysteria that follows have come and gone, so now you can dig out your holiday decorations without it being considered "too early." While you're decking your halls with bo...

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Page

So you finally launched a Facebook Page for your business, and your friends and family did you the favor of liking it. Now what? Instead of making enemies out of your friends by berating them to share...

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How To Create Content People Love To Share

Trust in traditional advertising is on the decline, creating a challenge for businesses and brands to promote themselves. However, people are increasingly more likely to trust recommendations from the...